You Are What You Drink


70% of the adult human body is made of water, which is why it’s so important to replenish your liquids every now and then. It doesn’t just quench our thirst; water is essential to a lot of bodily functions within the human system. It keeps our cells working, it lubricates our joints, it regulates our temperature through sweating, and even helps to flush waste.

With water playing such an irreplaceable part in our lives, it’s no wonder that many studies have been devoted to finding out whether alkaline water aka water with a higher pH level is beneficial for our health. While the jury is still out on the benefits, there are many who believe in the power of the pH-balancing liquid. A few reasons:

It’s believed to have pH balancing properties.

Regular drinking water has a neutral pH level of 7, but alkaline water is generally higher at 8 or 9. It helps to balance our body’s acidic pH levels because factors like high-acid food, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins tend to shift the pH balance into acidic territory.

Although there are some who believe that the human body has the natural ability to balance itself out, drinking alkaline water may even out the odds—especially for those who are suffering from conditions that are caused by acid reflux.

Having said that, it’s still important to find out the underlying cause when your pH level goes haywire or seek a doctor’s advice before you start on an exclusive diet of alkaline water.

It plays an important role in your health and weight loss.

By itself, water is already a formidable hydrator because it replaces the fluids that are lost through bodily processes like perspiration and urination. Alkaline water, however, is purported to go one step further. Since it’s thought to be a rich source of antioxidants, some believe that alkaline water has the ability to improve your health by detoxifying the cells and counteracting the free radicals in your body at the same time.

On top of boosting your immune system, alkaline water is also believed to play an important part in weight loss because it naturally neutralises the acid that comes from consuming junk food (no thanks to our hectic lifestyles). By warding off acid in this manner, your body will not have to produce more fat cells to neutralise the acid—thus reducing the odds of gaining weight because there are now fewer fat cells being stored.

It’s said to be enriched with minerals that help the body function properly.

Alkaline water is believed to contain 4 key minerals that work together to keep your body healthy and functional: calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

Calcium doesn’t just protect your teeth and bone health, and lower the risk of bone conditions like osteoporosis; it’s also beneficial for your heart, muscles, and nerves.

Potassium is useful in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, which makes it vital to your digestive system, heart health and muscular functions.

Too much of sodium is bad for health, but moderate amounts can benefit your body. For example, it helps your muscles and nerves function well by assisting in the transmission of nerve signals and muscular contraction. It helps to regulate blood pressure as well.

Magnesium has a variety of benefits that range from regulating blood pressure and maintaining heart health to increasing energy and endurance in athletes as well as contributing to proper bone growth and maintenance.

Bear in mind, however, that alkaline water may not be as helpful for people with a kidney condition or are taking medication that alters kidney function. Some of the minerals that alkaline water contains may accumulate in the body over time, which could have negative side effects.

At the end of the day, remember that moderation is the key. The secret to a healthy and fulfilling life is to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet, exercise regularly, and replenish your water supply habitually.

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