Three Weeks to a Brainiac Me

One day I walked to work and forgot everything I learned. The power to judge, plan and even behave normally was completely new to me. Luckily, my trauma ended when I woke up with a start and inhaled deeply; it was just a bad dream! Out of curiosity, I researched and realised that these are the exact symptoms of dementia – a neurodegenerative disease, which leads to deterioration of the brain and its activities.

Gravely Misunderstood

Dementia is not a part of normal ageing and it’s definitely not the end of one’s life. But it is true that ageing can add a certain degree of forgetfulness! Our brain is wired with about 100 billion neurons that are busy processing information we have seen, heard and felt throughout the day. Plus, it’s an organ that never rests so it’s bound to slow down with constant use.

Turn Back the Clock

To speed up a human CPU, we need to give it new experiences and stimulate the different brain areas to produce natural brain nutrients that will dramatically improve memory. Exercising specific brain zones makes the surrounding cells stronger and resistant to ageing. In fact, you can keep your precious brain wired and stave off dementia in 21 days! Why so specific, you may ask? It is suggested that the required threshold to break or make a habit is three weeks so let’s start with that first and whip our brains into shape with the following 21-day plan.