Positive Mindset

MediaCorp actress Priscelia Chan is sweet to a fault, but you can’t help but be infected with her optimism that makes you want to believe that the world is all sunshine and rainbows. To see that come from someone who has been in the entertainment world for more than a decade and only won her first award in 2014 after her foray in 1999 at the Star Search contest is refreshing, not to mention rare. In fact, Priscelia is gracious about her recent achievement and believed that it came not too late, but at the right time.

Perhaps the reason why she remains perpetually cheery over her job is more of a conditioned attitude than her natural disposition. After losing her mother toheart failure, Priscelia realised that not everything in life can be planned for or controlled so she decided to be happy and do what she wants to do, rather than what society expects of her.

This positive outlook extends to how she takes care of herself too, which is apparent in her good complexion and envious figure. Without missing a beat, here’s Priscelia happily dishing out her favourite food places, skincare secrets, workout tips and many more!

LiveWell: Have you had any health scare that
changed the way you lead your life?

Priscelia Chan: I am very blessed that I did not have any major health scares, but there were moments in my life when my health was affected slightly with my irregular and hectic hours of filming. As such, I have made taking more health supplements, healthier food and juices part of my priorities to upkeep my immunity system.

That’s Priscelia Chan’s simple formula for living and it seems to be working well for the bubbly actress, who recently won the Rocket Award at the Star Awards last year despite being in showbiz for 15 years. Find out how else her positivity has buoyed her in areas of physical and mental well-being!

So you really don’t have any food weaknesses?
I am a typical Singaporean, thus a true blue foodie! I really can’t say no to local delights & desserts.

Where are your favourite makan places?
When we eat out, my favourite hawker stalls are Chomp Chomp Food Centre at Serangoon Gardens for their chicken wings, hokkien mee (Fujian prawn noodles) and wanton noodles, 海鲜小厨 
(Seafood Kitchen) – a Zi Char stall in Elias Mall, Pasir Ris and Mellben Seafood at Ang Mo Kio for their crabs.

Do you or your husband, Alan Tern, know how to cook?
Yup we both cook, but much less frequently in these past few years as our work got more demanding and we also realised cooking for 2 is not economical enough. (Laughs)

Who is better of the two?
I am the heartfelt cook while he is the creative cook. I am also very blessed to have a mother-in-law who cooks so well.

Besides watching your diet, how else do you take care of your body?
Lack of sleep and sleeping late are pretty bad job hazards. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) school of thought, our detox system starts from 11pm to 3am so I will try to sleep by 11pm if I am not filming or out with family/ friends.

Do you have a bedtime routine that helps you unwind from the day’s events? 
I usually reflect on my day by counting my blessings and letting go of the bad because tomorrow promises a brand new one with joy. I also do some light reading at times and find that listening to classical or soothing music before going to bed helps. Having peaceful thoughts equate to beautiful thoughts, and that to me means happy days! One more tip – my room must smell good!

Did you ever have any skin problems?
There was a period of time, many years ago, when my skin suddenly erupted with acne as I took my digestive and detoxification systems for granted. I pigged out on oily food, didn’t clear my bowels daily, failed to drink enough water and wasn’t exercising much. It was then I learnt the hard truth that a good digestive system is essential to good skin. After that episode, I really took note of all these factors.

See how that paid off because you have such flawless complexion now! Share your beauty tips please!
When I entered my 30s, I found it challenging to keep my skin radiant and firm. I am an advocate of staying natural in my looks thus it was a great blessing when I tried Meiji Amino Collagen Profec, the only collagen drink with Prebiotic. It answered my prayers in all aspects and was in line with what I believed in – a good digestive system will give healthy skin that shines from within. As a result, the firmness of my skin improved with daily collagen intake.

How about maintaining your weight? Can you describe your fitness regime?
I will try to go to the gym twice a week if my schedule permits. I usually do 30mins cardio on the stepper, followed by 30mins of light gym workouts.

If you could change one part of your body, what would it be and why?
I am very thankful for what I am born with.

What is the most important health lesson you have learnt?
Natural is the word. This does not only apply to the food we eat. I believe that beauty is from within. Positivity, joy and love for others in your heart weave magic to your soul and overall well-being.