Myths & Facts About Cellulite

Firstly, what is cellulite?

It’s a condition where the skin has a dimpled appearance due to the fat deposits that are pushing through the connective tissue under the skin. Women tend to carry more fat around their thighs, buttocks and hips while men accumulate love handles most frequently in the abdominal region just above the waist.

Myth 1: Men don’t get cellulite. FALSE

Cellulite affects both men and women, except that it’s more common in the fairer sex. In fact, around 80-90% of women1 (as compared to 10% of men) will experience cellulite at some point. The reason why it may seem more common in women is due to the female hormone oestrogen that stimulates the storage of subcutaneous fats.

On top of that, the connective tissues in the dermatological layer are arranged vertically, which makes it easier for the fats push through to the skin. Men, on the other hand, tend to have thicker layers of connective tissue due to the male hormone testosterone stimulating the production of proteins. The tissues are also arranged in a net-like manner that keeps fats away from the skin, which explains why men is less likely to experience cellulite.

Another thing to remember is that as women age, their bodies will produce less oestrogen. Since it’s a hormone that encourages the smooth flowing of blood vessels, less of it could mean poorer blood circulation and a drop in collagen production—all of which could result in the breakdown of older connective tissue and consequently cellulite.

Myth 2: Cellulite is due to toxins. FALSE

Cellulite is due to the fats pushing up through the connective tissue under the skin. The connective tissue, in turn, can be weakened by the lack of exercise and muscle tone, excess fats, sun exposure, sudden loss of weight, poor circulation as well as hormones. In other words, it’s not a condition that’s caused by toxins. But the good news is that you can reduce cellulite by adopting a healthier lifestyle and diet.

This means staying on the ball with wholesome options like water, lean and plant-based proteins, Vitamin C rich foods such as oranges and lemons, whole grains as well as fruits and green leafy vegetables. In other words, a nutritionally balanced meal designed to keep you in the pink of health!

Myth 3: Cellulite only happens to overweight people. FALSE

Cellulite may be more noticeable in overweight people because they tend to have more fats under the skin, but the fact is cellulite happens to people of all shapes and sizes, especially if they have a family history of cellulite. It is, however, recommended that you keep the excess weight off — not just to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but also to avoid future health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Myth 4: Exercising can get rid of cellulite. FALSE

While exercise cannot prevent or remove cellulite, it is effective in reducing the appearance of the dreaded orange peel skin. The reason for this is simple: with age, the connective tissues under our skin will start to lose their elasticity. Exercising not only burns away the excess fats, it also helps to tone and strengthen those areas for firmer muscles and tighter skin—thus making the cellulite less noticeable. You can’t just do any exercise either; experts recommend that you include strength training, weight training and cardio as part of your exercise routine.

If you work at a desk or sedentary job, try to take short walking breaks from time to time to improve your blood circulation. Smoking diminishes collagen production2 (it weakens the connective tissues and makes it easier for the fats to push through as a result) and causes skin degradation as well, so you may want to kick that harmful habit as soon as possible.

Myth 5: Clothes don’t cause cellulite. FALSE

You might have come across tight clothing that have been marketed as a way to reduce your cellulite, but such tight clothes may actually cut off blood circulation and limit blood flow—which could lead to the cellulite you dread so much.

Myth 6: Liposuction gets rid of cellulite. FALSE

Many people turn to liposuction to get rid of excess fats, but it may actually worsen cellulite due to the uneven distribution of fats under the skin.

Ultimately, cellulite is the result of a variety of factors so make sure you stay hydrated, keep active, and maintain a nutritionally balanced diet to remain in tiptop condition!


Cellulite can happen to any one, regardless of shape, size and gender. Luckily, there are proven products that can reduce the dreaded orange peel skin like Elancyl Slim Design.

CELLULITE is a condition where the skin appears to be dimpled due to the fat deposits that are pushing through the connective tissue under the skin. If the connective tissue is weakened by factors like lack of exercise and muscle tone, excess fats, sun exposure, poor circulation, hormones etc., then it’s easier for the fats to push through.

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1. De-Structuring Action with Salacia

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