Four Tips For Better DigestionDuring The Festive Season

Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year.

These holidays are often accompanied by celebrations, festivities, parties, get-togethers and food. Festive food tastes good because they are rich in fats and sugars, and these very same qualities make us overindulge. Here are four tips to avoid overeating, weight gain, digestive distress and post-festive hangovers:

1. Eat in moderation.

There is no need to deprive yourself from all the tempting food. Just by reducing portion sizes of what you eat will ease the strain on your digestive system. A sure way to do this is to use a dessert-size plate to hold your servings rather than a large dinner-plate.

2. Drink plenty of water.

In the festive season, you are likely to be hit with an endless barrage of sugary alcoholic drinks: sodas, cocktails, champagne, wine, beer, coffee and many others. These beverages will excessively dehydrate your body unless you drink plenty of water regularly.

3. Remember to exercise.

During the hectic festive season, you need to factor in time to exercise. Make it a daily routine, eg 30 minutes workout in the living room before going to work, and you will notice the positive effects on your body, mind and digestive health.

4. Supplement for gut health.

Consciously taking food and supplements beneficial for gut health will go a long way in ensuring that you survive the festive season without damage. You may introduce some fermented foods such as kimchi or yoghurt into your holiday food spread. You may also take a good probiotic supplement to balance the microbial flora in your digestive system. The festive season is a time for enjoyment and cheers.

By proactively following the above tips, you can ensure that the holidays remain happy and bright, and your gut stays healthy.

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