It has been a very good year for Jeanette Aw so far. In April, she bagged 6 awards at the Star Awards, making her the biggest winner of the night. In May, she launched a pictorial book, Sol’s World: Somebody To Love, which is her second published work after Jeanette Aw – Definitions, a memoir. Then in July, she was unveiled as the new face of Bio-essence.

Only in her mid 30’s, Jeanette seems to be on a constant mission to add more feathers to her cap. One might say it’s because she is trying to find herself. On the contrary, the rising star knows exactly what she wants.

The self-professed perfectionist affirms: “I believe I am at a stage in my life where I am very confident and comfortable with myself and with the person I am. I have been on a journey of sorts to find that person and I think I’ve grown into the person I want to be.” Let’s take a look at the multi-faceted career Jeanette has built as an actress, social media influencer, author, illustrator, and brand ambassador.

There are no skeletons in her closet. “I am very private. It’s no secret. The media all know how private I can be with regards to my personal life and I have been extremely fortunate to have them all understand and respect that. I have come to terms with media scrutiny. I don’t have anything to worry about.”

Her fans have got her back – and vice-versa!
“I always appreciate what my fans have done for me – all the support and love they have given over the years.
My fans have been a wonderful group of people, they are very well-behaved, and I have always been very proud of them.”

Next on her jam-packed schedule.
“I am working on The Dream Makers 2 where I reprise the role as Zhao Fei-er. After that comes a stage production, something that I have been wishing for for a long time! Immediately after is another blockbuster production. I am also working on a script for a short film; this will be my own personal project but definitely something I am excited about.”


From Snapchat to Instagram, she is on almost every popular social networking site!
“Social media is fast becoming a way of communication and updates for most of us. Updating these platforms does take up a big portion of my time but I do enjoy the process because it does feel good to be totally in control instead of worrying about misinterpretation during interviews when it has to go through a third party.”

Why she always finds the time to blog.
“I love writing, so blogging is kind of my means of “escape”? Writing has always been something I enjoy; I share my thoughts, some tips on fashion and makeup, or whatever I encounter at work. Filming can get quite crazy in terms of schedule, but if it’s something I enjoy doing, I’ll just make time for it.”


She’s a self-confessed bookworm.
“I have always loved English Literature. It was my favourite subject in school, I majored in it when I was in NUS and aced my literature papers. I love reading as well.“

The inspiration behind her books.
“My girl, Sol, was developed and created from all my initial sketches. I gave her a personality and a name. I wanted her to be someone who stood for something, not just a mirror of myself. I have always loved a good picture book and thought, why not create something for both children and adults alike? My book’s text is very simple (easy reading for children) but it has got a deeper meaning for the adults, and I think that’s what makes it appealing to everyone.”

How she rekindled her long-lost passion.
“I did Art in ‘O’ level but didn’t pursue that along the way. I was given a column in a magazine and that was when I started drawing and writing again. It was a rediscovery of sorts, for my love of art and drawing.”

On choosing between acting and writing
“In terms of better expression of myself, it’s definitely through writing. I am always playing someone else when I act. I go through the whole mechanics of characterisation, so it’s not me I’m essentially playing. This is where my theatre background stood me in good stead. Well, I do hope to develop my own scripts in future – that is really the next step for me.”


She joins the ranks of international A-listers such as Linda Chung and Vivian Hsu.
“I’m very honoured to be the ambassador for Bioessence. I’m heartened that they have the confidence in me and find me suitable to represent them in many ways. Of course, I’m extremely happy that they will be taking care of me from now on.”

She reveals her go-to product before stepping infront of the camera.
“My complexion goes through very stressful situations during filming, the sun from filming outdoors, special effects makeup, and the list goes on. I want to make sure that my skin is always in tip-top shape no matter what it has been through, and I feel the Extra Strength Face Lifting Cream does the magic for me. I have used Bio-essence products prior to this partnership and I have always been happy with how the products feel on my face and most importantly, the effects I noticed after using them.”