That’s What Makes You BEAUTIFUL


Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist Kevin Lao-shi (affectionately called that by his sizeable following) stood up from the couch to shake our hands, we suddenly became very conscious of our looks, and whether there was food stuck in our teeth. It’s hard not to feel judged under the makeup maestro’s eyes. After all, he has more than 10 years of experience under his belt, working his magic on the faces of Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Q, sisters Barbie and Dee Hsu, as well as Alyssa Chia.

But here in town to promote his own makeup brand, Beauty Maker, and film the episodes for Lady First – Singapore – the spin-off of Taiwan’s longest-running variety television show on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle – Kevin Lao-shi was far from disapproving. He was affable and willingly dished out many makeup and skincare tips despite having a tight schedule.

Here are some pointers he shared with us. Enjoy!

Choose the appropriate type of makeup for your own features.

Personally, I’ve noticed Singaporean women either have too much or too little makeup on. Many girls use excessive makeup to cover up their freckles or pores, but if they use a product with high coverage, the results tend to be flat without any dimension or shine to their skin.

When applying makeup, the areas you focus on are important. For example, the central regions of your cheeks, as well as the ends of your brows to the side of your chin are where you should create a radiant glow, because that’s where people focus on. Your jawline should have as little makeup as possible to retain that natural look too. This creates the appearance of a protruding jawline and lifts your facial features for a sharper look.

Rely on a few foundations instead of just one.

Your facial features are not uniform. Some parts are drier, some oilier and thicker than other areas. Depending on the area, you could try complementing the usages of different products, or apply a combination of multiple products.

In other words, if you have an oily T-zone but the sides of your cheeks tend to be dry, reserve your loose powder for the T-zone without touching the side-cheeks. That way, your side-cheeks would not be uncomfortably dry and you can still feel comfortable wearing your makeup without compromising on aesthetics.

Products that provide matte-finish tend to mellow out facial contours.

Asian ladies have relatively flat features so matte-finish products tend to dim our skin tones and make our features even more 2-dimensional.

What I suggest would be to apply the lighter foundation colours on your chin and nose bridge to make them brighter. There are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube that recommend using white colour for contouring, but this gives Asian girls an unnatural look.

Instead, take advantage of natural lighting to make your features lighter. In terms of shading, complementing the contrasts of light/dark colours could produce the best natural look.

Always apply cream contour before foundation.

Creams have oils in them so never apply too much on oily skins as doing so would cause the cream to wear off more quickly.

I would suggest applying cream first to contour, followed by foundation, and finish off with some shading and a tiny amount of setting powder. The resultant layering effect would produce a more natural look. Most people do the opposite and apply foundation before contouring. This allows the foundation and cream to be relatively distinct of each other, and the contrasting colour tones is not desirable. Just remember not to apply too much for each layer.

Check your accessories to know if you belong to the “warm” or “cool” group.

When your colleague compliments your look, take note of what colour tones you’re in – is it red, orange, yellow, which are warm colours, or cool colours like lime, blue, silver, and pink. This will tell you what colours suit your skin tone.

If it’s not obvious, take a look at the veins on your arms. Darker, greener veins mean cooler colours suit you while less obvious vessels mean warm colours are better.

After understanding your skin tone, it’s easier to shop for clothing, cosmetics, lipsticks, and even eyeshadows. Most ladies like eyeshadows in earth tones, but did you know they also have warm and cool gradients? Like coffeecoloured eyeshadow has traces of gold in it so it’s warm, while a greenish glow means it’s cool.

Choosing eyeliners is serious business!

Firstly, different people have different skin conditions. Softer formulas are less compatible for oily skins whereas people with dry skin may prefer water-based formulas. Secondly, you need to consider whether the eyeliner complements the nature of your makeup. Unlike gel and pencil liners, liquid liners emulsify readily with other cosmetic products so a single misstep could ruin your entire makeup. How you apply your makeup also matters. You could draw using pencil and gel liners first, before finishing off with a bit of liquid liner to give your eyes a beautiful layered effect.

Start applying mascara from the root.

For straight eyelashes, mascara should be applied in 2 layers: first, as close to the lash line as possible, let it dry, and then swipe to the tips. Since mascara contains gel or wax, upon drying, the eyelashes will be supported from the follicle roots and curve upwards properly. If applied to the tips of your eye lashes at the start, it will weigh your eyelashes down and make the subsequent swipes more challenging.

Another thing to note is that eyelashes grow in a fanned out orientation, so we should keep to this pattern when we apply our mascara to retain their natural look. You should comb the eyelashes from root to tip, which means eyelashes nearer the nose bridge should be combed towards the nose, away from the eye for the middle section, and towards the ears for the sides. This should give straight eyelashes a nice curl which lasts throughout the day.

Minimise the burden on your skin prior to applying makeup to ensure it stays fresh throughout the day.

For sunscreen, find one that has low oil content. Preferably one with high water content to keep your skin moisturised, and which also better complements the composition of makeup products.

Applying makeup in a rush is counterproductive so if you ever find yourself in such a situation, I’d rather you not have any makeup on. Just take 3-5 mins to do it after reaching your destination. That’s all the time you need really, because in a hot country like Singapore, your face will heat up alongside your body. A rise in 1 degree Celsius results in a 20% increase in oil secretion, hence women here may experience oilier skin.

A good way to cool down would be to place a cold and dry towel on the nape of your neck to cool your body temperature. This part is sensitive to heat so doing so will significantly reduce oil production, allowing you to apply your makeup easier.

Give Beauty Maker a go!

Beauty Maker was created to answer the makeup woes of Asian women, particularly fair-skin Taiwanese and Singaporean ladies, because most Western products that target Asian skin tend to be overly red, orange or pink to try and match Asian skin tones. However in all my years in the business, I’ve realised that the most natural colour for Asian skin tones would be peach, which is a combination of a little orange, pink and yellow. It won’t make our skin overly yellow like a banana, or too pale like ash.

On the other hand, Korean and Japanese products aim to prevent moisture hence they tend to have higher oil content, which works well in their cool climate but not in humid countries like Singapore.

Our bestseller, the 8 in 1 Matte Cushion, does not darken skin, conceals pores, and you don’t even need to apply loose powder after! Besides the cushion pad it comes with, you can use a brush to apply the foundation too. Most firsttime customers bought my products due to my name, but after using it, they could affirm the quality and recommended them to their friends and family!

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